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3D Car Configurator

3D Product Configurators are an immersive way of having your audience discover and interact with your products. In this case study we demonstrate the potential with a demo made for BMW.

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As part of our strategy to tailor our offerings to potential marketing applications for real-time technologies, we have developed a demo of a 3D interactive car model from BMW. From the start, we wanted the application to be as seamless as possible for the user to access product landing pages and sales funnels, which meant being Web-only even on mobile devices. We are proud to present the first-ever fully web-based experience we have developed.

This meant developing our own tools in-house, and completely rethinking our Unity workflow since Unity does not support WebGL on mobile devices. For this, we based ourselves on a blazing-fast JavaScript renderer to display the content and handle the logic of the configurator that substantially differed to our traditional web-based experiences.

The configurator lets the user enter the car, change seats, turn the car on, drive the car, change the car’s color, turn on the car’s AC, turn on the car’s lights, change the car’s background scenery, and download custom screenshots of the car in different positions. Try it out for yourselves!