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The Case For Immersive Virtual Experiences

In the past, 3D rendering technologies were only accessible to large companies for very specialized use. Today, following the digital paradigm shift resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic where the focus is on providing maximum interactivity and customer experience from a distance, this technology is close to being a standard expected by the current generation of consumers.

The reason is intuitive: As a training and point-of-sale tool, an immersive, realistic, and interactive 3D replica that connects with customers not only generates a more significant emotional impact but also allows them to resolve their doubts through first-hand experience from any device. 

It is a customer-centric investment that can be used as excellent support for sales team training, enhancing the sales pitch towards closing the deal with realistic simulations, and improving the customer experience throughout the buying process.

The advantages of virtual tours and 3D products in online presence:

Absolute immersion.
Unlike flat images and fixed sample videos, 3D Virtual Tours offer complete immersion from the customer’s freedom in authentic and immersive discovery. Interactive HUD, integrated 3D audio, and animations customized to each client’s unique interests create remarkable experiences.

Emotional connection.
Good sales are those closed with the logical confidence of a solution to an emotional desire. 3D Virtual Tours and renderings designed by Interactiva Studios allow the personal freedom to explore the company’s final product or environment in an experience both pragmatic and finely crafted to evoke an emotional response. 

Surprising customers with a feature not yet standardized by competitors is just the beginning. The eagerness to explore virtuality while understanding the value proposition from their point of view makes them visualize the future of living in that apartment in the present, motivating the sales impulse that leads them to contact one of your agents as a genuinely interested customer.

3D Virtual Products and Tours influence the customer experience.
Interactiva’s 3D virtual content is an effective marketing and sales tool made and used by professionals. Our services are designed to carry the company’s message and voice, integrating functionalities such as an interactive view of products and a table of their features, contact information, company history, and all data relevant to their questions and needs.

3D virtual experiences retain customers.
3D experiences are still a relatively new tool in the marketplace. Customers do not expect to compare one and the other in their evaluation of solutions. By offering a point of discovery, answers, and direct sales to your clients, you allow them to not depend on the physical office, being able to make decisions at any time of the day, from anywhere. This process is more enjoyable due to the repeatability of the purchase of the service or product, resulting in more excellent customer retention in the long term.

Testing the product through 3D rendering
Including 3D solutions solves the problems related to the company’s time and distance of potential customers. Accessing a realistic and charming simulation of the product or department from the comfort of their devices removes the availability problems as a purchase objection.

Likewise, the 3D simulations made by Interactiva Studios are a faithful representation of the company’s sales message in a virtual tour created in detail of the product in its best version. If the customer likes the test and is interested, he will contact your agents to see it in person with no surprises or close the deal directly.

They increase customer feedback—better product and service optimization.
3D renderings are available on the online presence 24/7, with no limit on testing and no need for time investment between customers. By receiving more customer feedback and suggestions after testing, your company can improve the actual product or environment based on their feedback, improving the final ROI.

How can Interactive Virtual Experiences help you leverage your marketing strategy, increase your online presence, and maximize ROI?
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